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Google for Education Champions

Champions for students. Champions for educators. Champions for the future of education.

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Google for Education Champions are members of our three certified communities: Innovator, Trainer, and Coach. Each of these certifications recognize educators for their expertise, passion and system-wide work using Google tools to positively impact education. Together, they champion each student, educator, and the future of education.

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Image of two educators collaborating together on Chromebooks
Image of three educators collaborating together on a Chromebook

To become a Google for Education Champion, educators can choose to earn any of the following credentials: Certified Innovator, Certified Trainer, or Certified Coach. Upon achieving one of these recognitions, they will automatically become a Google for Education Champion. See below for more information on each of these programs, how they are unique, and how to apply!

Inspiring Transformation

Certified Innovator

You advocate for others to transform teaching & learning through Google tools, and lead progress towards the future of education.

Enabling Transformation

Certified Trainer

You train groups of educators to transform teaching & learning with Google tools in one-to-many settings.

Personalizing Transformation

Certified Coach

You support personalized exploration of Google tools through one-to-one coaching and relationship building.

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