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Google RISE Awards

We believe Google has an important role to play in equipping youth from all backgrounds with the skills to be creators, and not just consumers, of technology.

Google RISE Awards

Our global economy is shifting and computer science is becoming an essential skill that leads to economic and social mobility. It is a tool to solve problems and create solutions in ways we can’t even imagine today. Computer science can lead to rewarding, higher wage jobs and the creation of new companies.

And there is tremendous opportunity. By 2020, there will be 1 million new, unfulfilled computer-related jobs in the U.S. and over 800,000 in the EU alone. The story is similar in many countries around the world -- the supply of computer scientists is not keeping pace with demand.

Yet access to computer science education is not equitable.

Our own research shows significant gaps in access to computer science (CS) in formal education. Further:

What can we do to help reverse these trends?

The RISE program supports and connects not-for-profit organizations around the world to increase equity in CS education with a focus on girls, minorities who are historically underrepresented in the field, and youth from low-income communities.

Check out our videos below to learn about the impact our RISE Award recipients are making around the world.

From New York to Nigeria, two organizations unite their efforts to inspire girls across Africa with Computer Science.

Reinventing Computer Science through online game design for students from diverse backgrounds.

Bringing Computer Science to life for girls across the UK through ballet.


The Google RISE program is not accepting applications.

Please visit for more information on how Google is supporting computer science education around the world.

RISE Recipients

2016 Award Recipients

  • North America

    • CodeVA | Richmond, VA - USA

      Eureka Coders is an out-of-school enrichment program that provides important support in emerging communities to bolster classroom computer science instruction, with a focus on developing a model to more efficiently and economically export these enrichment programs to community partners across the state.

    • Digital Harbor Foundation | Baltimore, MD - USA

      DHF´s Computer Science Pathway provides youth in grades 3-12 with CS learning opportunities in a continuous, accessible pathway that develops skills, responds to youth interests, and builds confidence toward future careers in creative technologies.

    • Inspire Tech | Davis, CA - USA

      InspireGirls provides workshops for underserved girls in Yolo County with hours of hands-on instructions, and an opportunity to interact with a role model and learn about careers in the high-tech field.

    • JOURNi | Detroit, MI - USA

      The Code After School program will incrementally introduce technology concepts, principles of computer science, programming languages, development tools and processes used by software engineers. The program provides students with an opportunity to learn introductory programming skills in an environment which fosters creativity and a willingness to learn while pushing the limits.

    • LEAP | New Haven, CT - USA

      LEAP’s “Learning to Code” program aims to introduce low-income, minority students to computer science and coding and empower them to pursue STEM fields in high school, college, and beyond.

    • Learn to Discover | La Selva Beach, CA - USA

      Through Learn to Discover, students are introduced to near-peer mentors and the world of virtual reality in order to create their very own virtual reality app/experience.

    • Real IMPACT Center | Macon, GA - USA

      Real Girls Code Club is designed to increase the number of girls ages 8 to 14 exposed to computer science and technology through expanding its weekend code club to an afterschool program.

    • Silicon Valley Children’s Fund | San Jose, CA - USA

      Silicon Valley Children’s Fund STEM Internship Program, which serves an increasing number of youth each year, provides high school foster youth a career exploration opportunity through STEM classes coupled with work-readiness training in preparation for a paid summer internship at a tech company.

    • Tech Kids Unlimited | New York, NY - USA

      T3 is a digital agency, where teens with ASD learn computational thinking, expand their creativity, and obtain work experience working on websites and apps for real clients.

    • The EdVenture Group | Morgantown, WV - USA

      Gamer Girls is an innovative summer camp providing West Virginia middle school girls coding, game design, and augmented/virtual reality experiences in partnership with Monongalia County Schools Summer Snowflakes program and West Virginia University’s Game Developers Club.

    • The Knowledge House | Bronx, NY - USA

      The Knowledge House is bridging the digital divide between low income communities of color in NYC and the tech industry through an after school program designed to introduce high school students to basic coding skills and career exploration in technology resulting in full time employment in the technology ecosystem.

    • Kids Code Jeunesse | Montreal, QC - Canada

      Code, Create & Play workshops are designed to allow children to develop and explore their creativity through code.

  • South America

    • Chicas en Tecnología | Buenos Aires - Argentina

      Programming A Better World is a 4-day program in which teenagers between 13 and 16 work together with mentors identifying and developing an application to solve social problems.

    • MedialabUIO | Quito - Ecuador

      The MediaLab is a space for innovation, technology creation and experimentation. In collaboration with communities and students, the program will develop games based on stories of indigenous ancestral oral traditions of Ecuador.

  • Europe & Middle East

    • Adfaber | Bucharest - Romania

      The Kids in Tech (KIT) program aims to launch a free coding & computer science clubs in every school in Romania.

    • A.O Educat-Tekedu | Ghidighici - Moldova

      The Girls Go IT program in Moldova aims to build the next generation of girls to acquire digital and IT skills by teaching them project based approach in developing tech solutions that both have social impact and skills development.

    • Bytes | Belfast - Northern Ireland

      Working alongside community groups, government services, schools, and colleges, Mega Bytes Girls Clubs use creative ICT to engage youth, and provide training and mentorship.

    • Ideodromio Science & Space Cafe | Nicosia - Cyprus

      Joint computer science workshops bring together students from both Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities to learn together basic principles of computer science.

    • InterMedi@KT | Patras - Greece

      Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer provides scratch programming, game development, & Arduino activities free to students in Greece, including refugee youth.

    • Museo dei Bambini di Roma | Rome - Italy

      The Coding 4 All program empowers girls and low-income communities through out-of-school camps held at a children’s museum, where the basics of coding are taught in an innovative and informal way.

    • Re:Coded |Iraq

      Training the brightest female refugees in Iraq to be world class developers through a 12-month, low-cost, blended learning approach to programming in one of the largest refugee camps in the country.

    • Stichting NewTechKids | Amsterdam - The Netherlands

      The 21st Century Skills Clubs teach computer science to kids ages 7-12 in predominantly low-income and immigrant communities of Southeast Amsterdam.

    • Tech Lounge | Bucharest - Romania

      Tech Lounge is a flagship organization in Romania focused on informal learning experiences. The 3-day workshops on Internet of Things for K4 to K-12 girls centers on hands-on interaction with technology and close, constant mentorship.

  • Africa

    • Dream Factory Foundation | Cape Town - South Africa

      The #BeTheDream Coding Academy empowers youth with advanced coding, entrepreneurship and creative problem solving skills in order to equip them with the ability to code and start a business, with the intention that they can take this skill with them into any field they choose to pursue.

    • The Visiola Foundation | Abuja - Nigeria

      The Coding Boot Camp for Girls is an intensive five-week training program that will provide participants with a strong foundation upon which to build their careers as computer programmers and tech entrepreneurs.

  • Asia

    • 21C | Singapore

      Code in the Community is a multi-year, multi-level computer science education program implemented in partnership with community centers throughout Singapore.

    • Shilpa Sayura Foundation | Pilimatalawa - Sri Lanka

      By creating local language programming resources, the AlgoHACK program provides youth with inspiration, knowledge, skills and leadership development to face emerging socio-economic and environmental challenges to increase their participation in sustainable development and unleash their full potential for 21st century

    • Slum & Rural Innovation Project | Mumbai - India

      Slum & Rural Innovation Project is a storytelling, computer science learning, digital literacy and mobile application entrepreneurship initiative for slum and rural community to build leadership and tech skills in youngsters and women to become Change Makers of their community.

    • The Women’s Foundation | Hong Kong

      Girls Go Tech empowers female secondary students from underprivileged schools by providing them with foundational skills in coding and technology that will lead to positive attitude shifts around technology related subjects.

Past RISE Partners

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2015 Award Recipients

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RISE Partnership Award Recipients

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2014 Latin America Award Recipients

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2013 Asia Pacific Award Recipients

2012 North America Award Recipients

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2012 Sub-Saharan Africa Award Recipients

2011 North America Award Recipients

2011 Europe Award Recipients

2010 North America Award Recipients

  • Artemis Project | Brown University | Providence, RI
  • BigShot | Columbia University Program | New York, NY
  • Bootstrap Program | Brown University | Providence, RI
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula Program | Menlo Park, CA
  • Building an Engineer Day, SWE | California Polytechnic State University | San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Build IT | Girls Incorporated of Alameda County 1| San Leandro, CA
  • Can Wigmunke, the Rainbow Tree Program |
  • Center for Youth Success | ETR Associates |
  • Citizen Schools of New York Program | New York, NY
  • Click! Program | Carnegie Science Center | Pittsburgh, PA
  • Computer Science Diversity Committee | University of Virginia |
  • Computing in Middle School (CIMS) Program | Harvey Mudd College | Claremont, CA
  • CS Program | University of California Berkeley | Berkeley, CA
  • Expanding Your Horizons Program | Oakland, CA
  • First Bytes Camp | University of Texas at Austin | Austin, TX
  • Future Meets Present Engineering Conference | SHPE - University of Washington | Seattle, WA
  • GamesByTeens Program | Muskingum University | New Concord, OH
  • Girls Achieving in Non-traditional Subjects Program | Santa Clara, CA
  • Gunn High School Robotics Team | Palo Alto, CA
  • Highland Tech High Robotics Team 1548 | Anchorage, AK
  • IMAGINATION ´10 Program | Virginia Tech | Blacksburg, VA
  • Imagine That! Program | Techbridge |
  • ITEC Pathways Project | Information Technology Empowerment Center | Lansing, MI
  • Los Ingenieros Program | MESA | Santa Barbara, CA
  • MESA Schools Program | Tower Foundation of San Jose State University | San Jose, CA
  • Women´s Technology Program | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Cambridge, MA
  • NSBE Academic Success Program |
  • Women In Computing Program | New York University | New York, NY
  • Pioneers in Engineering (PiE) Program | Berkeley, CA
  • Project GUTS | Adventures in Supercomputing Challenge at Santa Fe Institute | Santa Fe, NM
  • St. Vrain MESA Program | Colorado MESA | Longmont, CO
  • STEM Program | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Cambridge, MA
  • Technology Leadership Initiative | University of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA
  • TechREACH Program | Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology | Bothell, WA
  • TechStart Program, Technology Access Foundation | Seattle, WA
  • WISE Program, University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, MI
  • Women in Computer Science Career Day | Purdue University | West Lafayette, IN
  • Women in CS Program | Arizona State University | Tempe, AZ
  • Women in Science and Engineering Program | University of Illinois at Chicago | Chicago, IL
  • WOW! That´s Engineering Program | Santa Clara Valley SWE | Sunnyvale, CA